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About Us

Respectful Responsible Youth of America is an organization focused on providing a high-quality low-cost training program.

  • We provide the youth of America the best opportunity to be able to attend low-cost after-school athletic enrichment programs (Youth self-defense and safety awareness). These programs are often unaffordable to many families.

  • Respectful Responsible Youth of America helps kids build higher levels of discipline, honor, and respect. We also build physical fitness, mental concentration, eye-hand coordination, and self-esteem.

  • Our program(s) helps improve a child's social interaction skills as well as enhances their academic performance while providing a fun and safe environment.

  • Currently, we teach at over 12 city locations in Southern California... and we're growing!

  • We teach over 1,000 students each week.

  • This is a year-round program. At the end of each session, a new session starts the following week.

  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses are taught. (White-to-Black belt)

  • Our program is very popular and successful primarily because of its affordability. Other Martial Arts studios can cost anywhere between $200 ~ $350 a month.

  • We do not have 6 month-to-a-year contract(s) like other Martial Arts studios. You simply pay weekly.

  • There is no hidden cost. We fully disclose the cost to participate in our program(s).

  • Our instructors are just as good, if not, better than many expensive and experienced Martial Arts studios!

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