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Taekwondo Tournament

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Next Tournament Date
May 18th Saturday

Whittier College

Graham Activities Center Arena

13729 Earlham Dr

Whittier, CA 90602

Tournament Schedule

Please get there 45 minutes before the event starting time. 

White & Yellow Belts

The event starts at 9:15 am

Orange & Purple Belts

The event starts at 12:00 pm

Green, Blue, Red, Brown,

Jr. Black, & Black Belts

The event starts at 2:30 pm


Students who does not place 1st ~ 4th will receive special participation Trophy

Forms Competition

 Forms competition is a Taekwondo form competition.  The judge’s criteria are based on forms, focus, stance, power, confidence, proper execution, and performance.  Once all the competitors have finished, the judge will review the scores for 1st to 4th place winners.  The maximum number of competitors for each belt color and age group division will be 12.

Sparring Competition

 Sparring competition is a Taekwondo Sparring competition. The first competitor to achieve three points will be the winner of each match.  The rules of sparring will be the same as in regular classes. The maximum number of competitors for each belt color and age group division will be 12.

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Martial Arts Class

Why Your Child Should Compete in a Taekwondo Tournament

If your child has never competed in a taekwondo tournament before, you may have some misconceptions about what’s involved. In fact, there are many great benefits that your child will derive from participating in a Taekwondo tournament, and here are two of them.


1. Put your skills to the test

In taekwondo, as in most other sports, you spend a lot of time and energy going through training and drills to improve your skills and get better at taekwondo. The field of play in taekwondo is not the local stadium but the taekwondo tournament. Why should your child spend so much time in taekwondo class working on kicks, punches, flexibility, and learning all those sparring combinations and strategies if they never get the opportunity to test their skills? That’s like studying so hard for a test they’ll never take!

2. Improve your game by sparring with new opponents

When you’ve trained with a particular group of individuals, over time it becomes easy for you to tell their strengths as well as their weaknesses. So, you know that Cindi’s sidekick is powerful, but she drops her hands or that Jeff has a great blitz and all you must do to avoid him is to change your angle. When you know all these, you stop learning and you stop getting better. That is one of the best things about taekwondo tournaments. It forces you to compete with people you don’t know, making you up your game.

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